The guiding principles of Cooloon Children’s Centre Inc., are that the:

  • health,

  • safety

  • and rights of children, family’s  educators and staff


will be protected and enhanced within an early childhood educational and care service that is professional, sustainable and supportive with a  stimulating learning environment.

This will be done on the understanding that relationships are a key element in all that we do.


Cooloon Children’s Centre embraces the ideas of Belonging, Being and Becoming from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)


  • Belonging – we acknowledge that ‘children belong first to their family, their cultural group, a neighborhood and to a wider community, ‘and work to ensure both children and families feel a sense of belonging to this Cooloon community.


  • Being – we acknowledge ‘childhood as a time for young children to be, to seek and make meaning of the world ‘and provide this through a varied play based program.


  • Becoming – we acknowledge ‘becoming as it reflects the rapid change that happens in early childhood, as young children grow and learn’ and provide a written program to support children’s learning through active educator engagement. . 


We strive to understand and make meaning of the five principles of the EYLF in order provide and maintain the highest quality children’s service that leads children towards the achievements of the five learning outcomes, as outlined in the EYLF.

We consistently review and reflect on our current practices as we become more familiar with the eight practices of the EYLF.


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