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Welcome to the Jalum Room 


In the Jalum room our children are aged from 3-5 yrs.  As this is a wide age range with children at varying stages of development, at certain times during the day we divide into two groups - Jalum Kindy group (the younger children) and the Jalum Preschool group (the children that are eligible to go to school the following year). 


During our play based indoor/outdoor program, you may observe children playing alone, playing alongside others, and playing together, negotiating the sharing of equipment and working with educators in small group experiences.  We know that both indoor and outdoor play time offers valuable learning experiences for all children. Establishing routines, encouraging self help skills and developing relationships with educators and peers is an important part of our program. Throughout the day, educators are guided by the interests of the children, encouraging them to take the lead. This play based approach does not mean that children just do what they like all day. It means children work with purpose and intention supported by an early childhood teacher and 3 educators every day.


Throughout your time as a parent in Jalum, we invite you to contribute to our program and share in decision making about your child’s learning, development, preschool education and well-being.

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