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Educational Program

Cooloon’s educational program embraces the principles and practices of the EYLF and the principles of the High/Scope Curriculum of active participatory learning where children and adults learn best through hands-on experiences with people, materials, events, and ideas. 


That principle — validated by decades of research — is the basis of High/Scope's approach to teaching and learning and guides our teaching.


Active participatory learning encompasses key learning experiences in all the developmental areas in which the children aged from infancy through to pre-school age engage. 

The children take the first step in the active participatory learning process by making choices and following through on their plans and decisions. 


Our teachers/carers and parents expand the children’s thinking with diverse materials, nurturing interactions and offering physical, emotional and intellectual support. 


Appropriate adult support is a critical element in caring for and educating young children. 

Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) Update


As part of our process of continual self-assessment we have just recently finished updating our our QIP. This QIP assesses our ability to deliver quality education and care as well as our plans for future improvement. 

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