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Meals and snacks are an important part of a day at Cooloon. We work closely with NSW Health to ensure the meals and snacks provided meet all the dietary requirements for young children. Jo our dedicated cook serves up a range of meals and snacks based on a four-week rotation. The smells wafting through the centre are very homely and comforting.


On enrolment we consult with families individually to ensure our meals meet everyone’s dietary needs and the meals served are consistent with each family’s culture and values.

Mealtimes are a very social time in the day where children sit together with an educator, eat, and discuss everything from food likes and dislikes, every day and sometimes food, dental hygiene and a range of topics raised by the children.


We use meal times to learn independence and self-help skills such as waiting  to be served, asking for what we need, decide how much we will eat, scrape our plates, when finished, put our chairs away  and leave our tables tidy.


Each week children in Jalum become involved in baking something healthy and delicious for afternoon tea.

Meals are included in the cost and we ask parents to contribute a piece of fruit/vegetable each day their child attends.

Please share with us a favourite recipe of yours.


If you want to look at our rotating menu you can see it here.

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