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Soccer on the oval

During our childrens participation in the soccer/sports programs, children develop and grow physically and emotionally. Through innovative, fun drills and activities, children improve their coordination and general ball skills, and with the incorporation of a variety of themes and games, children learn to follow instructions, play as a team, and develop their self-confidence. Our focus is on having fun while we learn these different skills.  After each session we encourage the children to high five their team mates as good sportsmanship and comradery are also important skills for all the children to learn and develop.

We have seen our children grow in skill and confidence as they participate in the program, with children who previously weren't interested or maybe were too shy, starting to become very involved in all aspects of the games. This confidence to try new things and push their boundaries physically can also be seen throughout their learning at Cooloon with children wanting to play new and more difficult games, learn how to kick harder and running races all becoming more common. 

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