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Acknowledgment of country
Our Vision for Reconciliation 

Cooloon Children's Centre recognises that Children's connection to country and community is essential to their sense of belonging and becoming. To achieve this, we must acknowledge and value the cultural histories, heritage and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, those past, present and emerging. We understand that by embedding these histories and traditions into our program for young children, as well as celebrating national days of significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait peoples we will contribute to a reconciled Australia where everyone can play, live and work in unity and harmony. WE will do this through a program of inclusion. 

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We believe the vision and actions in our Reconciliation Action Plan will go some way to address the injustice of the past and support a way forward as educators, families and children alike develop deeper understandings over time. When the Cooloon community respect and acknowledge the past, we can begin walking forward together to ensure justice and equality for all Australians.


We are very lucky to have a local Elder, Uncle Claude, as the father of one of our staff here at Cooloon. We get very excited when he comes for a visit to share the local history, stories and sometimes things even more amazing things, like real life mud crabs!! 

We have also had the pleasure of Uncle Boomerang coming to visit regularly to show us 

Uncle Claude and Uncle Boomarang
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