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Woolworths Trip

 On Thursday our preschoolers  walked from Cooloon over to Tweed Mall. Cathy was our guide and she showed us around Woolworths and introduced us to the staff.


We began with a tour of the shop and then went into the big freezer out the back. We checked out the machine that crushes up the boxes. We all put on our hair nets so we could go into the bakery The Baker showed us the huge oven and the large mixer. He also gave us some dough to roll out. (Some of us carried our piece all the way back to Cooloon.) We played a few games about fruit and vegetables and we made a rainbow out of their different colours. 


After the games we all got to choose a piece of fruit to take home and we also got to keep our hair nets, hats and show bags. The walk back to Cooloon was a little bit slower than the trip there, but we all made it back safely.

Thanks so much to Woolies Tweed Centro for letting us visit  and see all the interesting things in your shop. We learnt so much.

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